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Video Marketing is not complex, but needs to be done well!

Using video to promote and market your brand, product or service is one of the fastest growing ways to expose your business.  In today’s age, a strong marketing campaign will incorporate video into the mix.

Why is Video Marketing so important? Well, the list of benefits are long – but we focus on the fact that Google owns YouTube… they are now connected. That means your YouTube Channel will play a role in your website’s SEO ranking, so we work to help our clients create amazing video experiences while incorporating cutting-edge SEO strategies in the titles and descriptions of your video to maximize exposure.

I take pride in identifying your marketing needs and creating the best visual support as a vehicle to deliver your message across all media platforms.

Ticket For Space – 2024: A Sales Coaching Odyssey

In early 2024, world renowned sales coach and motivational speaker Doug Dvorak will boldly go where no sales coach has gone before as one of the first passengers on a World View stratospheric balloon that will pass through the ozone layer to a height of over 100,000 ft above the Grand Canyon.

Doug Dvorak: Certified Virtual Presenter by eSpeakers

Certified as a Virtual Presenter by eSpeakers, Doug Dvorak is one of the most well-traveled keynote motivational speakers available today. Doug has earned his spot in the motivational speaking hall of fame. He has also been inducted into the International Who’s Who of Professional Speaking./p>

Legit Script Annual Sales Summit Training with Doug Dvorak

On August 4, 2022, Doug Dvorak had the honor and privilege to give a Sales Training tp the Legit Script’s Sales Team during their Annual Sales Summit in Portland, OR.

Doug Dvorak at the 2022 AMA Alliance Annual Meeting

On June 14, 2022, Doug Dvorak had the honor and privilege to present to the AMA as their closing keynote speaker in Chicago. Standing ovation! Carpe Diem!

Doug Dvorak presents LARRY the Greatest Optimist of All Time – Boise Idaho

Larry the Spinner Guy
A sign spinner Boise, ID
Rain or shine, Larry works 8hrs a day, 6 days a week

Monthly Motivated G.O.A.T. Greatest Optimist All Time – MOJO

Meet Mojo. A ski lift operator at Tamarack Resort in Idaho. Possibly the best example of a Positive Mental Attitude you will ever encounter!

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Manual Adjustment Wood Durango CO

COVID 19 Guidelines – Klippers Hair Salon at Sola Aurora Colorado

National Hemp Association Interviews Attendees at NOCO

SUMOBOTS Course – Silicon STEM Academy TECH Courses Denver CO

Parent Reviews of Silicon STEM Academy – STEM Courses Denver, CO

Vegans Eat What Website Trailer

Aviette BIO Processing – CBD Kentucky Honey – FB Banner

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Lotus Gait – Serpent Eyes Music Video

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